Good morning Everyone,


Following up with our sermon from Sunday “A New Adventure” from our series “A New and an Exciting Adventure”, I mentioned three things that we need to know in beginning and continuing on this adventure with and in Jesus.  We must know and remember these three things; 1, we need to know who we are in Christ; 2, we also need to know our purpose in life, why we are here and 3, we need to know our ultimate destination.  (If you would like to know what they are or be reminded of what they are, go to our church website's home page and click on ‘Live Stream Sermon’)  I came across something else that I think we need to know and do when we are faced with decisions in this life, this adventure.  In their devotional, Experiencing God: Day by Day, Henry Blackaby and Richard Blackaby express this, “there are two ways to look at every situation: How it will affect you, and how it will affect God’s kingdom.”  We must remember that God has not called us to be selfish but to be self-less. In making decisions, we need to be more concerned with how our decisions affect the kingdom of God more than how it affects us.     When we focus more on ourselves than God’s kingdom, we miss out on opportunities.  We miss out on the opportunity in seeing what God can do in and through us.  We miss out in seeing God’s miraculous power when we focus just on ourselves.   When we focus on God's kingdom, God works in us not just for ourselves but also for others. 

Prayer concerns:


Attendance:   Our attendance in church has been very low and the summer has only begun.  Let us make every effort to be here and to invite people.     


Food Bank:   Our donations to the foodbank has dwindled off.  We moved the donation table to the overflow area hoping to remind us to donate. 

In God's love, 


Pastor Jeff