Hello Everyone, 


I just finished reading the book 'Unlocking Heaven's Power' and near the end it has a section titled, 'The Beauty of Repentance.'  The author expressed that "we appropriate the death of Jesus for our sins through repentance."  We cannot become and we cannot be the people that God would have us to be without repentance.   We can't experience all that God has for us  until and unless we repent.  It is one of the basic characteristics of Christianity.  It is not just the idea of remorse but it goes a step further and enacts change. Remorse expresses, "I got caught, and I am really sorry."  True repentance says, "I am changing.  I am never going to do that again."   As Christians, we take baptism very seriously but do we do the same with repentance?  Jesus said in Luke 13:3; "But unless you repent, you too will all perish."  We need to take repentance seriously.   "The Beauty of Repentance." 


God bless and be safe, 


Pastor Jeff 

New Hope Christian Church

Sproul and Paxon Hollow Roads

Broomall, PA 19008